Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I received 2 batches of kefir grains Saturday. That afternoon I placed one batch in a glass bottle with a little less than 1 quart of Farmer's Creamery whole milk. I have been shaking it and checking the smell for over 2 days. Finally it is kefir this morning. I think it took so long because it is only 62F in my kitchen. In the past I have made kefir from a powdered starter from Body Ecology. It always had a sour taste. This kefir tastes more like yogurt to me. It is quite an improvement. Usually I drink kefir with a packet of raspberry Emergen-C. I would rather skip that because each packet has 6g of carbs from fructose. I enjoyed drinking plain kefir with my breakfast today.

Maybe the difference in flavor is in the method. The Body Ecology instructions require the milk be warmed up to 90F before adding the starter. I didn't do that. I rinsed the grains with reverse osmosis water and put them in with the cold milk. Later I added 1 tsp sucanat because I read that at the Kefir Manual.

I started another batch of kefir using the other set of grains, in order to keep them fed. I put the first batch in a jar of RO water and am keeping it in the fridge.

I am concerned about drinking kefir every day due to the carbs. I'm eating an Atkins-induction kind of diet right now. The benefits of kefir probiotics is important to me, yet I want to lose weight. Well, I had better drink it because nobody else in the house will. Cassie tasted it and said it was good but she wasn't willing to drink any more of it. I'm open to ideas for getting my kids to drink it. The only yogurt they want to eat are the super sweetened kinds that their grandmother buys for them in the little containers. I have bought the plain kind in the big tub. I will put sweetener or jam into individual servings. They always reject it. I think they can sense when I have an "agenda".

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