Saturday, September 19, 2009

Tie Dye 2009

The Unity Church of Crystal Lake has an annual Tie Dye Sunday. I first attended in 2007 and every year I have gotten more enthusiastic about it. Last year (2008) I borrowed Tie Dye 101 from the library. I made matching tiger stripe shirts for the whole family. I was taking the picture, so I am not in the shot ;).

This is the family photo of the shirts I made at the 2009 Tie Dye Sunday.

The kids made a shirt each for themselves. The big theme this year was the spider pattern. Beth did a bunch of bullseyes. Her shirt is so vibrant. Ben's spider looks like a maple leaf (or some other kind of leaf...).

It was so much fun, I purchased a tie dye kit from Dharma Trading Company and invited Jim's sisters over on Labor Day weekend. I wish I had taken pictures of the fun we had but my hands were dirty most of the day. It was a lot of work setting up, mixing the dyes, and trying to keep everything clean.

This was supposed to be a star. The example in the book looked so much better. The more I wear it, the more I like it, though.

When Jim made this, he had a landscape in mind.

Here is Jim's patriotic spider.

The kids' spirals turned out well. I particularly like the rainbow spiral. I coached Ben with the instructions from the book and it worked like a charm. Beth was going for a spiral with only 2 colors and lots of white around them. The instructions were not clear as to where to put the dye and she isn't so pleased with the result.

I haven't photographed everything we made. I'm saving a mistake for Halloween ;). I did figure out how to make peace signs. There's a very good video on youtube. I made one for myself and two patriotic peace signs for Jim's sister & brother-in-law. We gave them away before we took pics. They turned out awesome. Maybe I'll get a snapshot when the two of them wear them on the same day. So that's for another post....

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