Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Latest creations

This is a tote bag with cosmetics case. The tote is made from St. Patrick's day grocery bags and unusual green newspaper bags. The cosmetics case is mostly produce bags and a few clear newspaper bags. I got a bunch of old buttons from Donna - how awesome! The buttons match on this set. I mailed it to someone I admire and I'm not sure she received it. I hope I'll find out some day.

This is a purse made from newspaper bags. I trimmed it with leftover magenta yarn to keep the strap from stretching too much.

This is a tote bag made entirely from bread bags and other bags that food came in. I crocheted it single ply because this material is thicker than grocery bags.

This is another purse made from newspaper bags. It is 2/3 the size of the purse pattern because it is a gift for my daughter, Elizabeth, on her 9th birthday. :) I have 8 unique colors of newspaper bags. I made balls of plarn with the same sequence of colors. I had to mix them up every now and then to prevent common repeating patterns in the rows.

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